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What are Cookies? No it's not the baked good we leave out for Santa it's a relay of necessary text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device by websites, each and every cookie is as unique as a persons finger print, as such it will contain anonymous information such as identifies, domain names, digits and numbers as whichever the case maybe, of websites you have visited.


We use these cookies to ensure we give you a completely unique website experience and ensure we provide you with the best offers available, when navigating our website or making use of our services thereof. When this happens we track analytics, monitor your behavior and allow us to ensure you can log into your registered accounts without causing a security risk. As such these cookies also allow us to collect analytical data from third parties such as Google, YouTube or any other services you might visit to help us with advertisement and even help us improve site functionality.


By visiting our website, making use of our services and selecting the prompt, you agree that we can unitize the cookies in full in terms of the above-mentioned functionalities without any restrictions, we do however, ensure that such data will never be sold.


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